Current Projects and Events


A day is being planned for Wednesday 17 July 2019 when 20 people from the Co-op are coming to help eradicate Balsam from the field beside the weir on the south side of the river.  We are always grateful for any help offered and received and look forward to them coming.  Balsam Bashing has been an ongoing project over the past few years and there are signs that we are winning.  Let's keep at it and see if we can restore this land to a beautiful meadow.  Anyone wishing to join us would be welcome.  Contact Liz for more details.


The project, funded by Don Catchment River Trust and Tesco Bags of Help is well under way.  Half of the historic wall and steps has now been rebuilt, trees have been cleared and landscaping has commenced.  The area is beginning to take shape and when new planting has taken place will be a lovely place to sit.  We expect picnic facilities will be available.  

This continues to be our main project.  However, we are now at the stage that more than 50% of the owners of the land on Nursery Lane have agreed to either donate their plots or sell them to us at the original purchase price and we have now asked our solicitor to progress the transfer of this site. We hope that the acquisition of this site will restrict parking in other areas of the gorge which are currently being defaced by parking on verges, etc.   Visitors will then be expected to walk a little further to see the river although access to the woodland could be more direct.  We have obtained some funding to acquire the site, but more is needed to achieve our ultimate goal.

Liz Reeve


What a fantastic day. Beautiful sunshine and lots of visitors made the Sprotborough Lock Open Day yesterday an event which will be remembered by many, both young and old. To be able to go down into such a deep lock and talk to those who are responsible for renewing the gates was a tremendous opportunity. Thanks to everyone who helped out at the Don Gorge Community Group gazebo where a great many people looked at our display and where Sprotborough friends and acquaintances from many years ago made themselves known to me again.

    Many people visited our display in our gazebo during the day.                                   Visitors descend into the lock                                           Martin Pollard, the person in charge of replacing the gates

This has now been completed apart from landscaping, which due to the weather and the extreme muddiness of the land has been delayed.


Caught these pics late afternoon on 11 February 2014 just as the piling had been removed from the top of the pass to allow water to flow down